Champagne Catering

Finger & fork buffet menu 1

Whole dressed salmon, Rare roast beef platter, Coronation chicken, Roast vegetable tart

Greek salad (Feta cheese, olives, tomato, cucumber) drizzled in oregano & olive oil, coleslaw (shredded cabbage, carrot & onion in mayonnaise), Mixed lettuce (Radissio curley endive, Oakleaf), New potato salad red onion mayonnaise

Continental mini roll selection with butter

Fresh fruit salad (Melon, green grapes, red grapes, kiwi strawberries) with fresh cream

White chocolate tiramisu

Cheese board with a selection of biscuits


Finger & fork buffet menu 2

Salmon & Gucamole terrine, Prawn & salmon platter, A selection of (skewered poached salmon & prawns, king prawns, anchovies & stuffed green olives), Platter of rare roast beef, Homemade roasted vegetable quiche with free-range eggs

Curried rice with sultanas, Chick peas & bean salad in rich tomato sauce, Coleslaw (shredded cabbage carrot & onion in mayonnaise), Mixed traditional salad

Selection of breads in baskets with butter

Raspberry pavlova (Meringue with double cream & fresh raspberries)

Fruit on skewers (Hand prepared melon, pinapple, grapes, strawberries & kiwi) served with creme fraiche dip


Finger & fork buffet menu 3

Platter of roasted meats (succulent roast beef, slices of buttered turkey and home roasted ham)

French roast chicken breast basted with olive oil & mixed herbs served on a bed of watercress accompanied with cherries in tarragon cream dressing

Bombay potato baskets with mint yogurt

Traditional mixed green salad, homemade shredded coleslaw in a rich creamy mayonnaise, Pasta salad in a rich tomato & basil sauce

Platter of mini chunks of cheese, fresh fruit, homemade chocolate fruit & nut squares

Bite size homemade berry cheesecake topped with piped double cream